We are experts in water and environmental engineering.


Maezawa Industries, Inc. has been engaged mainly in the manufacture and sales of equipments and valves for both water and sewage facilities.





Japan Made Valves


Being a key manufacturer of waterworks valves, Maezawa has produced and shipped billions of valves with robust and unique technology to the world for over 70 years. We stick to the best quality and long life, thus our valves are all made in Japan. Our full support service covers products ranging from valves, hydrants, gates, environmental systems including water purification, sewage treatment soil purification and system consultation services.


Hybrid Membrane System


Maezawa has developed a hybrid water purification system, combining the physical, chemical and /or biological treatment processes with membrane filtration. Submerged PTFE membrane is the key part of this system, which can produce high quality water from contaminated water source, and suitable for retrofit and upgrade of the existing water treatment plants.


Signing Ceremony of the MOU on Cooperation Agreement Extension with Amata Group

On June 20 (Monday), Maezawa signed a MOU to extend "Memorandum of Cooperation on High Quality Water Supply " with Amata Corporation (Amata) and Amata Water, at the Amata Service Center of Amata Nakorn Industrial Estate.

The MOU extends the expiration date of the Agreement from May 2016 to May 2019, aiming to promote the continuation of future cooperation, in order to achieve a high-quality industrial water supply business for Amata Science City, which has been studied thus far.

During the signing ceremony, Maezawa's Managing Director, Mita, reported about the achievements of the last three years. Mr. Viboon Kromadit, Chief Marketing Officer for Amata Corporation, said "We are very happy about the achievements of the study thus far. I believe that the efforts of Amata and Maezawa always succeed." Finally, Maezawafs President, Matsubara, expressed his aspirations: "Over the past three years, the project has advanced so far as to be considered one step away from realization. In addition, very high evaluation and expectations will have been requested from NEDO, which has provided assistance, we intend to make further efforts toward the commercialization to be implemented during the three-year period of the extension. "

Signing Ceremony of the MOU on Partnership Agreement Extension with SIIT

On June 21 (Tuesday), Maezawa signed a MOU to extend the Memorandum of Understanding on "the Study of High Quality Water Produced by the Hybrid MF Membrane System" with Thammasat University Sirindhorn International Institute of Technology (SIIT). Pursuant to the MOU, the expiration date of the Agreement will be extended to May 2019.

SIIT is collaborating on a survey, and has provided valuable advice based on the latest information concerning the water business in Thailand, for consideration of a high-quality industrial water supply business.

During the greeting session of the signing ceremony, Dr. Somnuk Tangtermsirikul (Professor), Director of SIIT, said "In addition to the joint study that is currently being conducted, we will provide full cooperation for Maezawafs commercialization study in Thailand, such as cooperation with respect to pilot plant experiments." Maezawa's President, Matsubara, said "We strongly believe that we will continue the existing friendly relationship in the future." Both sides confirmed that they would continue further cooperative efforts.

Agreement on mutual cooperation of "Saitama Overseas Sewerage Association"

On February 24, 2016, Maezawa Industries, Inc. as a member of "Saitama Overseas Sewerage Associationh signed an agreement on mutual cooperation among the members: Saitama Prefecture Public Sewerage Works Bureau, The Associated General Contractors of Saitama Japan, Saitama Construction Consultants Technical advancement Association and Saitama Sewerage facility Maintenance Management Association.

The purpose of this association is to promote the project: "The Technical Assistance of Sewerage Technology in Collaboration with Public and Private Sectors in Thailand ". This project is a part of JICA's Partnership Program, and operated by Saitama Prefecture Public Sewerage Works Bureau. The period of the project is from February 24, 2016 to January 31, 2019.

By aggressively joining the activities in Thailand and cooperating with members of this association, we aim to strengthen our overseas business.

Agreement with IWA to support 12th LET (2015)

Maezawa Industries, Inc., a leading water technology company in Japan, has signed an agreement with the International Water Association (IWA) to sponsor the g12th IWA Leading Edge Conferenceh in Hong Kong, China. IWA is the leading network of water professionals world-wide.

Maezawa is developing high quality industrial water supply business, especially focusing on developing a hybrid PTFE membrane system for advanced water purification. Maezawa is aware that IWA has played an important role in connecting the leading-edge technology and user from newly developed countries.

The g12th IWA Leading Edge Conferenceh, scheduled for May 30 to June 3 2015, aims to bring together leading researchers, technologists and water experts from all over the globe to enhance co-operation, and to make a marked contribution to the goal of providing safe water for everybody.


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