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Maezawa Industries, Inc. has been engaged mainly in the manufacture and sales of equipments and valves for both water and sewage facilities.





Japan Made Valves


Being a key manufacturer of waterworks valves, Maezawa has produced and shipped billions of valves with robust and unique technology to the world for over 70 years. We stick to the best quality and long life, thus our valves are all made in Japan. Our full support service covers products ranging from valves, hydrants, gates, environmental systems including water purification, sewage treatment soil purification and system consultation services.


Hybrid Membrane System


Maezawa has developed a hybrid water purification system, combining the physical, chemical and /or biological treatment processes with membrane filtration. Submerged PTFE membrane is the key part of this system, which can produce high quality water from contaminated water source, and suitable for retrofit and upgrade of the existing water treatment plants.


Agreement with IWA to support 12th LET (2015)

Maezawa Industries, Inc., a leading water technology company in Japan, has signed an agreement with the International Water Association (IWA) to sponsor the g12th IWA Leading Edge Conferenceh in Hong Kong, China. IWA is the leading network of water professionals world-wide.

Maezawa is developing high quality industrial water supply business, especially focusing on developing a hybrid PTFE membrane system for advanced water purification. Maezawa is aware that IWA has played an important role in connecting the leading-edge technology and user from newly developed countries.

The g12th IWA Leading Edge Conferenceh, scheduled for May 30 to June 3 2015, aims to bring together leading researchers, technologists and water experts from all over the globe to enhance co-operation, and to make a marked contribution to the goal of providing safe water for everybody.

Φ2500mm Valves Exported To Brazil

Maezawa Industries, Inc. plays an integral role within the global steel company. The ƒÓ2500mm and φ1200 valves were recently installed in Arcelor Mittal Tubarao (AMT) in Brazil. These valves are used to control cooling flow of sea water. To be used in steel mills, valves are requested to maintain high standard tight shut-off in order to ensure safety. Maezawa valves are continuously purchased from the initial period of operation at AMT by which demonstrates that the quality of MAEZAWA valve is being higly accalimed.


Adoption of NEDO International Project

Based on the "Memorandum of Cooperation on high quality water supply", Maezawa studied the advanced industrial water business with Amata Corporation (Amata) and Amata Water in Thailand to supply high-quality water in Amata Nakorn Industrial Estate operated by Amata .
In order to promote the commercialization study strongly, we applied for NEDO Project "International Energy consumption efficiency, etc. technologies and systems demonstration project". The application has been adopted in May, 2014.

Bangkok Representative Office Opened

Maezawa opened its Bangkok Representative Office on November 1st, 2013. We are aiming at developing international water business, especially focusing on high quality industrial water supply in newly developing countries. Through the cooperation with Amata Corporation PCL and Amata Water Co. Ltd, we are studying the supply of high quality industrial water in Amata Nakorn Industrial Estate supported by NEDO project since 2010. In order to build a specific project in Amata Nakorn Industrial Estate, and for collecting information and market research to expand water business in Thailand and ASEAN region, we will make extensive use of the new office in Thailand.

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