UF Membrane Filtration Equipment

In an advanced water purification system for the underground water, UF membrane filtration was used to remove protozoans, such as Cryptosporidium, followed by the appropriate pretreatment process, such as deferrization, demanganization and strainer filtration. 

PTFE Membrane Bioreactor with Activated Carbon Powder for Water Reuse

The MBR system, that equipped the submerged PTFE membrane in a tank with powdered activated carbon, acquired three effects: membrane filtration, absorption by activated carbon, and biological degradation. This system was designed for reusable water production from the water that lightly contaminated with organic pollutants.

Dissolved Air Floatation Equipment

This system is used to separating contaminated oil content from the wastewater, which exhausted from machines cleaning process in the factory or cars cleaning in the vehicle base, by releasing the air-saturated water in the flotation tank.

Treatment using Chelate Fiber

This system remove arsenic, boron and selenium in liquid effectively. Chelate fiber is made of natural fiber base with immobilized chelate functional group.